EMES with new DSL/Phone infrastructure after Holiday Periode

During our Holiday Peride up to the 24th of August we will not be directly available. We use this periode to renew our DSL/Phone infrastructure.

Our new company phone number is:


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New Upgrade to BLUE HR active - MK III becomes MKIV - IV generation

EMES BLUE HR active MKIV with compound housing

A new era in serial cabinet construction - EMES starts compound housing design with the fourth generation of BLUE HR MKIV active.
3 layers of different materials are used to reach a new level of cabinet design. These material differ in mass, structure, stiffness and acoustic transmission behaviour. So the cabinet becomes more and more seamless to the acoustic performance of the drivers. This results in an even more refined and accurate time response especially in the low end to fundamental frequency regions (40-1000Hz).
This new design supports also the "cradle to cradle" concept which allows to separate raw material after the product life time is reached.

Inside view if core structure

EMES celebrates 25 th Anniversary

Starting in 1991 with one of the first designated "Desk Top"- Studio Monitors

the EMES BLACK tv HR active

EMES developed a complete range of Monitoring systems to cover a wide usage from Project Studio, Main Monitoring, Editing to Mastering.

the MODUlar-MOnitoring concept

Over the years many of the Models have gone through various steps of product evolution - the actual BLACK tv HR active is now at it's MK IV generation and will be available in a limited version!

BLACK tv HR active "25th anniversary"

All EMES Monitors have been and are actually produced in GERMANY and are shipped with individual measurement diagrams

"QUARTZ" active

Not just a loudspeaker box
- These are real 2 way bi amplified nearfield monitors, at a very reasonable price!

It comes with almost all the features from the "big systems", plus new developements, like:
Bi-Port™ design
and a very sexy new finish!


QUARTZ : 2 x 80W peak power, 59-20.000 Hz (+/-2,5dB), 17cm woofer, 25mm Neodyme tweeter, digital power supply, 320x210x250mm, 6,2Kg

KOBALT : 2 x 70W peak power, 69-20.000 Hz (+/-2,5dB), 14cm woofer, 25mm Neodyme tweeter, digital power supply, 270x170x250mm, 5,0Kg