OWL active






EmbracingSound™ Reproduction
improved Stereo Image

compatible to L/R - mono playback
Pleasant Listening Area
Matched System
Incredible Imaging Quality

4 identical 120W amplifier
eliminates time related distortion

Digital "quick delivery" power supply
Cycles 2000 times faster
hum canceling
Tight and accurate Low End

18cm Carbon/Paper membrane
Resonance free cone

28mm Silk dome Neodymium
Superior transient response

Level control
Sensitivity adjustable
-40 to + 10dB

Low-end control
Corrects Low end from -6 to +4dB
Room compensation
Corner/Wall placement Eq

High-end control
Corrects High end from -4 to +4dB
Room compensation
Adjustable (Listening taste)


Product broschure (230kB) engl.

Diagram/Data sheet (667kB) engl.


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89331 Burgau
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With the mini-OWL and the OWL System, EMES goes beyond the conventional reproduction arrangements. A conventional stereo arrangements itself introduces artifacts at the "sweet spot" that you as the engineer have to live with - often not realizing that you are trapped by these faults!
The mini-OWL and the OWL System are the most advanced monitoring Systems available based on the EmbracingSound™ system, patents held by the Swedish company EMBRACING SOUND EXPERIENCE AB.
The EmbracingSound™ system comprises the Transducer configuration and an adaptation of the stereo signal called the EmbracingSound ™ processor.
Instead of reproducing a left and right signal from two wide spread monitors/loudspeakers, a single Monitor Systems is used.
Any L/R-signal is used as a feed, which the built in Processor transfers into mid- and side-information. The mid-information is equal to the mono compatible part in a stereo signal. In the next step the Mid information is cancelled from the summed Left/Right channel - which gives the side information (directional part of the stereo signal).
The correct mix between the isolated information (mid, positive and negative polarity sides) is then transferred to the two groups of loudspeakers with the purpose to reproduce the Left and Right signal to the ears of the engineer, making all decisions easier resulting in a better mix.
That's it - sounds simple - sound ingenious, a step further towards perfection.
Now with this technology at hand everybody is able to experience the definition capabilities of a proper stereo signal and to be in a position to perceive all the information put into a recording!
Even if this concept is far from what we knew, it gives the engineer a very good representation of what is stored on the media!
“Please keep in mind -The media is copied and published to the end user and never the listening situation!!! So you got to know what’s on “tape””!
The EMES mini-OWL and OWL-System are 2-channel 2 way active system (complimentary Mono Speaker are PINK tv active and VIOLETT HR active - please consult related product brochure for details) using the EmbracingSound™ technology to reproduce a 180-degree wide "embracing" sound image from one box. The active control delivers 4 x 80 W (mini-OWL) and 2 x 120W (OWL) peak power to the two woofers and the two soft dome neodyme tweeter.
All components are matched to get a max. pair-difference of ±0.25dB!!
"We have to build it within these limits so the performance does not suffer. - And we want the best possible quality after waiting for such a long period of time."

Please see also EMES ADVANCED SURROUND™/MODUMO™/Pink tv and VIOLETT HR active for additional information!

EmbracingSound -Trademark owned by EMBRACING SOUND EXPERIENCE AB
MODUMO and Advanced Surround Trademarks owned by EMES

Carbon driverLiquid baffle

OWL active - System  
construction 2 channel -2 way bass-reflex 
concept One & One Monitor / EmbracingSound 
fc responce free field 48 - 20.000 Hz +/- 2 dB 
fc responce in wall 46 - 20.000 Hz +/- 1,5 dB 
system low fc responce 46 Hz - 3 dB 
max. sensitivity 111 dB 
max. sensitivity long term 108 dB 
harmonic distortion at SPL <100Hz 0,8 % 
harmonic distortion at SPL >100Hz 0,35 % 
Bass driver 2 x 18cm, carbon 
Midrange driver
Hf driver 2 x 28mm Silk Dome Neodymium 
shielded (anti magnetic) no
weight 18,0 Kg 
dimensions w/h/d in mm 380 x 380 x 250 mm 
pair difference +/- 0,25 dB 
OWL active - Electronic  
number of amplifier
power handling rms Lf/Hf
4 x 100 W
power handling peak Lf/Hf
4 x 120 W
connector type
XLR (female) 
input impedance
10 kOhm 
input sensitivity
16 steps, from 0,45 - 4,5V 
X-over fc
1.200 Hz 
low pass filter
35 Hz / - 18dB 
Hf level control
16 steps, from -4 dB - + 4 dB 
Lf gain control
16 steps, from -6 dB - + 8 dB 
distortion at acoustic max. output
signal to noise ration
-102 dB 
kind of power supply
operating voltage
115/230 V +/- 20% 
power consumtion at max. output
320 W